Brandon Haydon, LCSW

Brandon is available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment with him, please call (773) 273-9718; or call Brandon directly at (872) 228-7242 if you would like a free 15-minute consultation prior to scheduling your first appointment.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Together in therapy we can:


  • The stories you can tell about yourself, your experiences, and others.

  • The language you use to identify and express yourself.

  • Your emotional landscape and what ignites or diminishes your unique spark.

  • How systems and the narratives around us shape meaning and provide both pressure and support.

  • Your ability to find and hold on to a sense of your integrity, to act in     accordance with your true values and desires.


  • Your core desires to align your dreams with action.

  • Your sense of safety, bravery, and compassion for self and others.

  • The gifts and insights hidden in the chapters of your life.


  • Permission to feel your feelings separate from how they might be judged by yourself or anyone.

  • Formulating simple, attainable goals that promote the feelings you desire.

  • What gratitude, vulnerability, and courage look like for you with yourself and     in relationship to others.

  • Intentional living through self-compassion and self-advocacy.


  • The impact of your actions and reactions.

  • Your feelings toward yourself and others to find greater accord with your authentic self.


  • Your core feelings, inner wisdom, sense of activism, and actions toward freedom and connection into the Story of You.


I strongly believe that exploring a personal sense of spirituality, gender and sexuality can have profound implications for our sense of freedom, health, and connection to others – and therefore our potential to share the most and best of ourselves creatively, socially, and professionally. This is the adventure we are all on. In therapy, I can join you as a witness, a listener, an advocate, a comrade. I am available for both individual sessions and for relationship counseling (adults only, ages 18 and over). Relationship counseling is limited to adult intimate partnerships, but is not restricted to couples: I am a poly-friendly practitioner and am happy to accommodate relationship counseling needs for intimate partnerships including more than two individuals.


Joint therapy and spirit work sessions with Eric are also available. Those sessions are a package which is described here.


Individual sessions are $100 per 50 minutes.

Relationship counseling sessions are $150 per 50 minutes for two or more adults in intimate relationships.


Interwoven Pathworking sessions with Eric are priced separately.

Most major credit cards are accepted. I am open to discussing sliding scale options with folks experiencing financial hardship.


I do not currently accept insurance at World Tree Healing, but I can accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO only at Lifeworks Psychotherapy Center. Please contact me directly or contact Lifeworks for more information.

Please feel encouraged to call me for a free 15 minute consultation prior to your first appointment: (872) 228-7242.



As a psychotherapist and social worker, I provide a non-judgmental and affirming space that acknowledges and celebrates the beauty and diversity of human spirituality, living philosophies, sexuality, gender, and relationships. I orient my practice in solidarity with clients identifying as or exploring LGBTQ-, non-monogamy/polyamory, and kink/BDSM.


I focus on cultivating themes of honoring and worthiness in helping clients to foster intentional relationships that take conscious shapes around their desires and manifest their spiritual values.


My primary interests are non-oppressive therapy and advocacy, working with marginalized identities and experiences through channels of psychic, spiritual, somatic, sociopolitical, and cosmic awareness. My clinical approach includes aspects of feminism, narrative theory, process work, and sex-positivism.


I have experience working with individuals and partnerships including survivors of trauma, sex workers, those impacted by HIV/AIDS and severe mental illness or extreme states. As a therapist, my role is to be your witness, your guide, and your audience as you step into the story you wish to tell about your life.