George Richards

To schedule an appointment with George, please call (773) 273-9718 or email

Tarot Readings


George has been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. His reading style is direct and powerful, drawing on his keen intuitive perception and his many years of experience.

$45 for 30 minutes.

$90 for 60 minutes.

$1 per minute thereafter.

Elemental Cleansing/Spiritual Counseling

​$80 suggested donation per session.

Sessions are 30 to 60 minutes each, depending on what is needed.

​Drawing on his 15 years experience in Divination, Elemental magic, and Peer Counseling, George offers a unique combination of cleansing and counseling. He is an ordained minister and is qualified to perform Pagan handfastings and home cleansings or blessings. 

A free consultation is required prior to your first spiritual counseling session. There is no obligation on either side after the consultation. After consultation, prospective clients may refuse treatment with no pressure or obligation, or may be turned down as unsuitable for treatment. There will be no charge for clients who are turned down for spiritual counseling services. George chooses his clients carefully, based on his assessment of his ability to help you. If necessary, he will refer you to someone who he believes may be more appropriate for you.

George is a certified Peer Counselor, but is not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. Spiritual counseling is for spiritual issues ONLY and is not in any way a substitute for psychiatric treatment or professional psychological counseling.

Spiritual counseling is NOT an emergency service. If you are experiencing a psychological emergency and/or suicidal ideations, please get help from a qualified source! This website lists American hotlines you can call for a variety of psychological issues. If you require a licensed therapist for non-emergency issues, World Tree Healing recommends Lifeworks Psychotherapy Center and Head/Heart Therapy