Handmade Products

Megan and Eric are crafty folks who make some really great stuff! In addition to the spell oils, sprays, lotions, soaps, and lip balms available at the shop, Megan hand-spins, dyes, and knits yarn. Eric works with wood, metal, stone, and paint. All of the pictures we have here are of one-of-a-kind items that were custom-made for their owners -- but let us know if something here appeals to you, and even if we can't do an exact reproduction, we can certainly do something similar for you! Our prices are reasonable and flexible. 

Megan's Crafts

Fiber Arts

Megan has extensive experience with fiber arts and can make nearly anything that can be made out of yarn. She dyes most of the yarn she uses, which means that nearly anything is possible! E-mail her at worldtreeoffice@gmail.com for details.

Hand-knit Tarot Bag

Merino wool

Hand-knit custom fitted sweater

Hand-dyed Merino wool

Hand-knit slipper socks

Hand-dyed wool

Hand-knit custom shawl

Hand-dyed Merino wool

Custom Cosmetics

Megan is the driving force behind World Tree Healing's extensive selection of magical oils, sprays, soaps, lotions, and other great-smelling cosmetics. E-mail her at worldtreeoffice@gmail.com for custom, magical, handcrafted cosmetics. 

Eric's Crafts

Mjolnir and Gungnir pendants

Eric's handcrafted Mjolnir and Gungnir pendants are made from naturally fallen or reclaimed wood, stone chips and steel, copper, silver or gold wire, hung on a waxed cotton cord, a suede-like microfiber cord, real leather (extra cost), or chain (may cost more depending on type). 


While the types of wood are limited to what Eric can find, stone choices are more flexible. If you want a pendant made with a specific stone or with a specific quality to it, e-mail Eric at worldtreeoffice@gmail.com to see if your request can be accommodated

Primal Gungnir Pendant

Storm-struck oak, black kyanite, argentium silver wire.

Primal Mjolnir Pendant

Storm-struck oak, shungite, copper wire, copper clasp, microfiber cord.

Primal Mjolnir Pendant

Storm-struck oak, ruby zoisite, copper wire.

Eihwaz Rune in copper wire.

Primal Mjolnir Pendant

Storm-struck oak, lapis lazuli, copper wire. 

Primal Spear Pendant

Storm-struck oak, blue kyanite, rose gold wire.

Wood-burned dedication to Freya.

Rune Sets and Runegandr (Rune wands)

Eric's Rune sets and Rune wands are made from naturally-fallen or reclaimed wood. Runes are woodburned, and the wood can be stained, treated, or left as-is, depending on your preference. E-mail worldtreeoffice@gmail.com to find out what kinds of wood Eric has available, and get yourself a custom Rune set.

Custom candle with bindrune

for Feminine Power

Custom Bindrunes, Sigils, and Spellcraft

Eric can make a wide variety of custom spells, from candles to bindrune paintings to specialized sigils. In-person or phone consultation is required, and time to completion is highly variable. E-mail worldtreeoffice@gmail.com to set up an initial consultation appointment.

Custom bindrune

for Prosperity

Primal Mjolnir Pendants

Left to right: 

ruby zoisite, blue kyanite, moonstone.

All with storm-struck oak hafts and copper wire.

Bindrune for Protection

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