How To Identify A Good Healer

There are many people out there who offer healing services. Many of them, at best, are not healers but people who are just doing what they think they're supposed to be doing. At worst, they are downright frauds who only want as much money as they can get out of you by exploiting your worst fears. And then there are genuine healers who know exactly what they're doing and you will truly benefit from working with them. This blog is about how to identify a competent healer.

What makes me an expert? Nothing. I have only my experience. I have been a professional healer since 2009 but I've been working with healers since I was in high school (2000-2004). I hope to shed some light on this unregulated community so that you might not make the same mistakes I and so many others have made.

1. A good healer knows they need healing themselves.

Good healers have done an enormous amount of healing work on themselves (with the help of others along the way of course, no one is an island). They have been through the trenches and know exactly how hard this process is. They are compassionate and forgiving. They will not judge you for what you have done or not done because they have been in similar situations. Under no circumstances should a healer EVER shame you. For anything. They have seen the darkness within themselves and know it cannot exist without the light and vice versa. They have taken what they didn't want and turned it into what they do want. The process of alchemy should not be unfamiliar to them. They've gone to the edge of the abyss and jumped.

'Healer heal thyself' is a mantra all good healers live by.

2. A good healer is original.

They will not dish out cliches or platitudes. They will not be spouting copy and paste teachings they've read in some book. Example: They will not be saying things verbatim from texts like Ask and It's Given or The Secret or The Law of Attraction. There's some decent stuff (and some horrible stuff) in that material but it's surface level teachings marketed for the masses. It's not the meat. A healer who regurgitates teachings from a book and then tries to spread it all over your energy space is going through the motions. The are doing what they think they're supposed to do because that's what they were told or it worked in the past or whatever. Original healers will tell you things that you didn't already know. They will pinpoint exact places in your energy field that is off and are able to fix it (or help you fix it yourself by talking you through it). You're not the healer, they are. If you are ready to heal they should be able to facilitate that process in a way that's applicable to YOUR life and not a manual channeled from spirits pretending to be something they're not (more on that later).

3. A good healer does not tell you you're cursed and then demand $300 - $1,000 + to fix it.

This is a very old scam. They lure you into their trap with advertisements of a "$10 special" or some sale on psychic readings. You'll see a sign in a window or they'll leave a handout on your car or you'll see that handout taped somewhere. You go to see them and they'll tell you all kinds of stuff. Some of it true, some fabricated. Some of it will be so true that you're convinced of their power. These people do have some intuitive ability (we all do to some degree) but that doesn't mean they're using their powers for good. Why? The rain falls on the fields of the righteous and the unrighteous. That's the best answer I have when it comes to fairness.

During that session, they will figure out where you're vulnerable and then grab a hold of it and twist it. Feeling sore about a breakup? They'll tell you that you're meant to be with that person and will help you get them back for a fee. Feeling like there's a dark cloud of bad luck over you? Oh, that's a curse from a past life or from someone in your current life that means you harm and they'll help you lift it for a fee. They find out what you're afraid of and will use it against you.

Curses do exist. However, most of the time, we've cursed ourselves. We've created circumstances in our lives that trip us wherever we go. It's also called self-sabotage. We created blocks in our lives because we took in or believed something about ourselves that wasn't true. Had a parent who told you you're stupid? Children are defenseless against that and they take it in. Kids grow into adults who believe they're stupid because they didn't measure up to whatever nonsense their parent was carrying around. A good resource for unscrewing dysfuntional programming stemming from childhood are books on co-dependency. I tell you truly, a good healer can point that out just from a conversation with you and help walk you through undoing it. Or just lift it like lifting a curtain if you're ready to release it. This is not something that takes a long ritual with thousand dollar candles and crystals and special clothes to undo.

As for curses put upon you by others, there are very few people who actually have the skills to accomplish that. And if they are successful, that only happened because there was a place for the curse to land. They sought out vulnerability, found it and exploited it. If there is no vulnerability, it does not matter how powerful the person is, that curse will not work. But it takes a lot of time and healing work to get to that place. Hard, but not impossible. I lift curses like that for free. No one should walk around with something like that.

Moral of the story: it does not cost an arm and a leg to be healed. And a good healer does not use your worst fears for their own gain. If they are not working to heal the pain they find in your system, they are frauds. Run.

The Atlantic did an excellent article about this very subject, click here.

“Larceny is larceny, no matter what form it takes—fraud by a spiritual adviser is no different than fraud committed by an attorney, an accountant, or any other person who gains an individual’s trust in order to steal from him or her.”

4. A good healer does not have you coming back to them for years.

Therapy can sometimes take years. Self improvement can sometimes take years. We all learn and gorw and evolve and change at different lengths of time. A good healer can do what they can for you and get you situated so that you can do the work yourself. A good healer shows you how to empower yourself and teaches you the tools and techniques to work on yourself. Eventually, you grow beyond them. And that means that you no longer need them. And that's a VERY good thing. The goal of healing is not to erase all of your problems. The goal is for you to be in a place where you can handle your problems in a healthy and productive way. A good healer teaches you how to do that. You can learn how to solve your own problems and make your own choices. A good healer will not let you treat them as a crutch indefintely.

5. Good Healers *sometimes* work out of brick and mortar stores.

Most metaphysical stores or spas with a metaphysical bent have healers on staff. Most of the time these people have been screened. They have proven their abilities to the person in charge. Hopefully. A metaphysical store that does not have a healer should be able to direct you to one. Listen to your intuition here. These stores are more or less not in the habit of employing frauds and part of that is because businesses are regulated by municipalities. If the city/town gets wind of a scam that usually brings down the authorities, but not always. Just because they work out of a store doesn't mean they're a good healer but you have a better chance of finding one that way.

6. A good healer has a large stack of positive references, and not just quoted on their website.

If you are looking for a healer, ask friends who have had a good experience with someone. Anyone can hang up a shingle in the window of their home or take out an advertisement in a spiritual magazine or open a business or put up a website. Read yelp reviews if it's a brick and mortar store. Do your research. Google their name. After 20 years of the internet existing, they should have some kind of online presence. However, the best way to go about this is the old fashioned word of mouth. And even then, you have to keep your wits about you.

7. A good healer does not claim to have learned from Native Americans or Native Hawaiian's (unless they actually have and can prove it).

Cultural appropriation is a thing that exists and it's frankly disgusting behavior. The First Nation people of this continent suffered a genocide. The Native American population in the US is less than one half of one percent. Their numbers never recovered from what happened to them during the administration of Andrew Jackson. They suffered another serious blow after the Civil war. To this day, they remain marginalized and still suffer from centuries old oppresive government policies. My goal in sharing this informtion is to illustrate just how bad it is to claim something that's not true. Especially in the context of stealing the cultural heritage of an entire group of people who have already suffered catastrophically at the hands of white people. Native people have spoken out numerous times aagainst New Age genre books and so-called teachers claiming Native American teachings or sharing details of how to do a healing or ceremony or cleansing in the Native American style. One of the hallmarks of Native American healers is that they do NOT charge for their services. What they do is for the benefit of their tribe and the healers themselves decide whether or not they want to do a healing for someone. So if someone is claiming to have learned from Native Americans and they are charging for their services, they are frauds.

Here at World Tree Healing, we are very aware of how First Nation people have been treated. We do not claim any lineage to Native American teachings or style of healings. We the founders of World Tree Healing are white and are of Northern European ancestry and our practices are based on the traditions of our heritages. Even our name 'World Tree Healing' and our logo is based on the story of Yggdrasil, which is taken from Norse mythology.

I hope this guide helps you to find a good healer. And keep in mind that healers are NOT doctors and not psychologists (unless of course they are, some people in the medical field do have shamanic training and that's cool). We are not miracle workers. A good healer is as good as the effort that you are willing to put forth to deal with your own stuff. In the years I've been doing this, the best results are with clients who want to change. If there's a willingness on the part of the client to see that the monsters within is just an angry child, together we can move mountains and create all kinds of changes. And a good healer can see that angry child and help you, the client, pick that kid up and give them the hug they so desperately need.

Take care of yourself. Know you're loved.

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