You're Not Talking To Aliens

There are a lot of channeled books out there. There are a lot of people who channel out there, too. And there are a lot of people who firmly believe that the beings they are channeling are aliens, and then they write books about it. They believe this because the beings themselves said they were aliens.

The whole idea of communicating with aliens isn't new. Joanne Kepler wrote a novel that was published posthumously by his son in 1634 called Somnium (Latin for “The Dream”), which was about how the earth might look from the moon. The main characters got that information from a demon that lived on the Moon (an alien). One of the early developers of automatic writing in the early 1900s was a French woman with the stage name Helene Smith. Her real name was Catherine-Elise Muller. She had a "bossy" spirit guide named Leopold who told her all kinds of things, including what Martians looked like. Then there's the writings of Richard S. Shaver who worked in a noisy factory in the Thirties who started hearing "voices" that claimed to be aliens. He wrote down what those voices told him and sent it to Amazing Stories magazine, where it was published. To this day some people truly believe he was communicating with aliens and use pieces of his stories as part of their belief system. But it's more likely that he was just a creative guy with a touch of schizophrenia.

Spirits have been talking to people for an extremely long time, telling us all kinds of things. The question of what is real and how to tell the difference has been asked for almost as long. Spirits have been known to say they're from the sky or from another world. However, that does not mean they are from another physical planet. The non-physical realm is technically *like* another world, but that "other world" does not equal a completely different planet. And it's very much a product of our human mind and our imagination that we're even able to imagine (and see) some of these other worlds. But the Spirit World is another aspect of Earth – not a separate place, but a part of our spiritual geography.

There are several stories in certain cultures stating that people were created from beings in the sky that came to the earth. However, upon reading those legends in their actual form (in stories authored by members of those traditions, or at least written in books published by anthropologists and sociologists) and not books published in the new age genre, you'll find that these are just creation stories; no different from the ancient Greeks believing that Gaia and Chronos, the Titan who was essentially an aspect of Time but also represented the sky and the stars, created the Olympian Gods (whom he then consumed; you know how the story goes). If you read the original stories told by the people who knew them, as opposed to regurgitated versions full of mistakes and appropriated nonsense, it's obviously a creation story – not a secret narrative about aliens. Every tribe that has ever wandered the earth had at least one creation story, and a number of them involve the sky and the stars. The story of the Cherokee people being descended from "star-seeds" from the Pleiades is a creation story. These stories are not "evidence" of aliens. If it were the case, then more than just that particular tribe would have that exact same legend. After all, why would those aliens only talk to one group of people?

Did spirits tell these stories to these ancient people? I think they played a role in human belief systems, but not the role of Storyteller. People have been telling stories for a very long time, and I think humans are creative enough to come up with their own ideas, and then those ideas evolve over the course of time with hundreds, if not thousands, of people telling and retelling them. Stories mutate over time, and creation stories are no exception. Taking advantage of some ambiguity in the text or the translation, or insisting on one specific meaning which fits in with an already-established narrative, is a destructive activity. It works against the coherence of the story, it messes up beginners who might not be able to tell the difference between a myth and an interpretation, and most importantly it is extremely disrespectful to the people, culture and religion which originated those myths. Stories are sacred in many cultures, and insisting on an alien interpretation of them is an act of cultural appropriation and blasphemy.

In addition to having ancient legends that tell tales of beings from the sky, we as a species have been obsessed with the stars and our place in the universe since we developed the ability to recognize patterns (and the corresponding ability to be fooled by patterns which aren’t really there, which is called pareidolia). We looked up and saw that the stars align at certain times during the year, and groups of stars themselves look like objects. But those constellations are seen as completely different objects to different people in different places and times. And the stars which make up our constellations are really millions of miles apart – some of them may even be burned out by now, which we won’t register until their light goes out, millions of years from now.

Why would spirits contact people and tell them they're aliens? For the same reason that human beings say outlandish things: they want attention.

There's a misconception out there about spirits. There are too many books out there detailing how great the "other side" is and how it's populated with beings who are all light and love and are dedicated to helping humanity. That is a silly, unfounded fiction which exists to get people to buy books. Marketing, coupled with people who aren't curious enough to truly question the beings they're talking to or the shills who sold them the book, leads to a lot of misinformation.

Everything that exists in this world, good and bad, is reflected in the Spirit World. And that realm is perceived differently by every single person who bothers to look – as is this realm. Our perception and our experiences shape our reality. That is a psychological fact. As above, so below.

New age authors would have you believe that the Spirit World is one big angelic, white, sparkling party populated by beings who are all enlightened and are always gentle and are always there for you and tell you exactly what you want to hear. And that very thing right there is how you can tell the real stuff from the frauds and the spirits who want attention. A spirit that is lonely and desperate for someone to talk to will say anything to get and keep attention. Our attention to them is their food. And if they see an opening in your mind to say things like that, they'll take it. Because, again, they are reflecting your own perceptions.

If you believe in aliens (or are even open to the idea, as some of us are) and the idea that all those beings are there for your own personal development, that's what you'll see. They'll make sure of it so they get to keep the meal ticket you just gave them. The same way that so many humans lie in order to keep a good (easy) thing going; probably because they don't believe they can stand on their own feet. The information the so-called aliens are giving us isn't new information. They just go on and on about how much they love us and want to protect us, but that's what so many of us want to hear. Especially if we grew up without those assurances from our parents.

The people who are doing the channeling are also suspect. They're failing to check in with themselves. And then you get stuff like this. When many of these people start to channel, they either learn from a book or from another person who essentially teaches them to just open the barn door and let in whoever shows up. Oh, but they'll tell you to "draw down the white/purple/blue light of archangel so and so" or “ask the Christ consciousness to protect you” and that is expected to keep out the riff raff. But it never does. For one thing, telling people to visualize "light" as a form of protection is the same thing as telling women to not wear skimpy clothing so they won't be assaulted (I mean come on, nuns and women wearing clothes where only their eyes are showing have been assaulted). It doesn't work, and it ends up as a form of victim-blaming when it inevitably fails. Visualizing light is not a form of protection. Knowing who you are is.

In addition to the whole "open the barn door to anyone" line of teaching, very few teachers go into the psychological aspect of channeling work. They don't what they're doing. If they did, they wouldn't tell people to just open the door. Many early channelers were put into insane asylums because of this. Modern channelers who go too far without support often get put on psychiatric medication. They stumble across some nefarious or mischievous spirit who uses their mind as a playground, and they’re powerless to stop it. Far too many of these false teachers don't believe "bad" spirits exist. So when the student goes nuts, they assume the student was unstable to begin with, or somehow not “powerful” enough or “energetically aligned” enough, or whatever.

The bottom line here is that these people are focused on making money from classes and books, and on making a name for themselves in the metaphysical community. Learning to genuinely channel in a healthy manner takes years. That doesn't sell well.

Here's four real world scientifically based reasons as to why these people are not talking to actual aliens:

1. One of the hallmarks of these "aliens" is that many of them say they are on a spaceship. They go into great detail about what these ships look like, but anyone who has seen an episode of Star Trek can do the same thing. Ask these beings complicated questions (like “What the hell powers your ship?” or “How did you survive the centuries of travel?” or “Why did you come here if we’re so backwards?”) and you get non-answers or answers that are lifted from SF stories. They are not answers that NASA can actually use. The answers seem to be contingent upon the knowledge available to the humans doing the channeling. And the people doing the channeling aren't rocket scientists. Then there's the whole thing about how no biologically living beings can possibly live on a ship (even a huge one) without some massive consequences.

2. If aliens were trying to talk to us, we wouldn't be able to understand them. We have a hard enough time talking to and understanding people who speak other languages here on Earth. Things get lost in translation; that's a linguistic fact. There are words in many languages that have no equivalent in English or in other languages. Let that sink in for a moment: if humanity has languages that are partly incomprehensible to people who weren’t raised speaking the language, then how could we possibly understand an alien species? And if you’re thinking “what about telepathy?” please realize that your mind is patterned by your culture and your primary language(s) and even more so by your basic humanity – and you can’t get away from that conditioning. A telepathic connection to an alien species would, first and foremost, have to overcome all three of those barriers in both directions.

3. Aliens won't look like us. Science fiction stories have done us a disservice here. In order for us as the audience to identify with a character, we need to be able to see ourselves in them. So that's why most, if not all, aliens are depicted as humanoid Or are human in some aspect. When in reality, a true alien species would look like something we have never seen before, because they evolved on a planet that was not Earth. They will look absolutely nothing like us. But when these “channeled” aliens are asked what they look like, they always describe something human-ish.

4. When asked where they're from, they tend to be from places that scientists have stated is probably uninhabited. Such as the before mentioned Pleiadians. The Pleiadian star cluster is 400 light years from earth and consists of 7 bright stars and others that are too dim to see. That cluster of stars are about 150 million years old. If there are any planets revolving around those stars, they'll be just as young. And if there's life, it'll be bacteria. Because not enough time has passed for anything else to evolve. The information these spirits are sharing doesn't match with known scientific fact. And they're also racist. Enough co-opting Native American spirituality.

If these beings are not on a ship, then they claim to be the consciousness of alien beings who are “ascended masters.” To paraphrase a Buddhist saying: “those who say they're enlightened are not enlightened.” Same thing goes for spirits who claim to be enlightened or ascended. If any spirit says it's “Ascended Master so-and-so,” it’s a fraud. Full stop.

Why is it so easy to believe this stuff? Simple answer: because we want to feel special. We want to feel a little less lonely in this giant universe. We want our short lives to have some meaning. The people who really believe they're talking to aliens experience this sense of awe. "Of all people for these guys to talk to, they picked me?!" And that seems to be the case for so many who choose to try their hand at channeling. Those who are not properly trained or don't do the necessary healing work on themselves first tend to only find spirits who will tell them exactly what they want to hear.

If you channel and you're talking to a being who claims to be an alien or an "ascended master" or a deceased famous person or an angel, ask them questions that YOU don't know the answer to. And then ask the question again in a different way. And then ask that same question in another way. If the spirit attempts to give long-winded answers, or seems confused, or suddenly breaks the connection to avoid answering, you're more than likely talking to an attention-hungry spirit with nothing substantial to say. If they don't reply with "You just asked me that" on that second reworded question, you’re talking to something that is not what it claims to be. Same thing if they lead you around in circles, if they aren't challenging you, or if they are telling you stuff you already know. And that goes for any spirit, regardless of what they look like or how powerful they claim to be.

In conclusion, it's both scientifically impossible and metaphysically impossible for people to be talking to aliens. Aliens probably do exist somewhere in this physical universe. To quote the late scientist Carl Sagan in his book Contact, "The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space." But we are not talking to them – at least not yet.

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