Frequently Asked Questions: Curses

FAQ: Curses

As spiritual healers, we at World Tree Healing get quite a few people coming in asking about curses. Either fearing they are on the receiving end of a curse or wanting to learn how to curse. So we have put together a few of the common questions we get about curses and our mostly standard responses to them.

1. Am I cursed?

Probably not, but we'll check you anyway.

The vast majority of people who come in inquiring if they are cursed are usually afraid they pissed someone off (usually unintentionally) and that person is retaliating against them with "black" magic. These people, by and large, are suffering from guilt. Their own guilt and projected guilt from the offended party. It's not a curse in the sense of what we think of as a curse. Popular media has made it seem like cursing someone is an involved process involving all kinds of ingredients and phases of the moon. There are some curses that are set up that way, but that is not what we normally deal with when we're helping someone who feels they've been cursed. Your own sense of guilt and the projected guilt (and other not so great feeling emotions) can definitely feel like a curse and behave like one, but is far more mundane and easier to treat.

One way I (Megan) personally deal with these kinds of 'curses' is to remove the projected emotions from someones energy field and help the client move through their own feelings about the person they believe cursed them. I have found that most people seem to know or at least suspect a person in their lives who may be capable of doing this to them. Helping them move through their feelings around this person tends to help alleviate the feelings of being cursed by them.

If it's an actual curse that involved magic from someone who has magical training, that can be a little more tricky. If the curse is based on egotistical reasons, like jealousy/envy, guilt, petty revenge, they are usually easy to remove. Especially if the targeted person didn't actually do anything to deserve the curse. Those curses fall right off.

The curses that are very difficult or impossible (for me at least) to remove are the ones carried by justice. If you are on the receiving end of a curse that is justified, amends need to be made. Behavior needs to change. You need to look at your life and your choices and start fixing things. Only then do those kinds of curses typically fall off.

Then there are ancestral curses. Those are much more involved and have more to do with ancestor work than what I am covering here. Inherited curses are usually trauma based and need more time to deal with.

2. How can I tell if I've been cursed?

This is a tricky question and I know that I will not be able to cover all the ways you could tell if you're cursed. I can only speak from my own experience and what I've personally seen.

Unexplained tiredness: if I've been hit with something, I usually feel tired for no reason. Or I lack the will to do what I enjoy doing. Personally, I don't feel tired unless I'm sick, or in a depression cycle. If none of those are present, a scan of my energy field will usually reveal that something is draining my energy.

A series of unexplained bad luck: I am not a clumsy person. I'm no graceful swan, but I've never broken a smart phone from dropping it. One morning, I woke up and immediately spilled my water. That happens occasionally, so I didn't think much of it. Then I hit my head on the door frame going down the stairs immediately after that. I know that door frame is low since that was the house I grew up in. I had never smashed my head on that low door frame (because I knew it was there). Two things back to back never happens with me. Ever. I knew something was going on. I scanned my energy field and found some gunk placed there by someone else. I removed it and didn't experience anything after that.

Feeling drawn to something or someone you wouldn't normally be drawn to: Love spells are curses. That's just how it goes. If you compel someone for whatever reason, bypassing their free will, it's a curse. Your intentions don't really matter, because you’re trying to deprive someone of their free will. I lift those for free, because no one should walk around feeling compelled to be with someone they didn't choose to be with of their own free will.

Unexplained illness: I am not a doctor. I have no medical training other than the Heimlich maneuver. So unless you're choking, I can't help much. That being said, I have seen and experienced curses manifesting as an illness that medical doctors haven't been able to explain/diagnose. I always tell people to follow up with a medical practitioner after I lift a curse that seems to be manifesting as an illness. I do not claim to cure, prevent, or treat illnesses. Please, seek out medical treatment for medical conditions.

Disturbing dreams, restless sleep, or insomnia: Repeated, disturbing dreams can be indicators of curses, especially dreams which focus on a specific person or a specific incident. Insomnia or restless sleep can also indicate a curse. As with all of these items, it’s important to rule out mundane causes first: dreams can just be dreams, and insomnia can be caused by a bunch of different things that have nothing to do with being cursed.

3. What do I do about it?

Come see us!

Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of fraudulent people out there who will tell you you're cursed and they can lift it but it's got a really expensive price tag. Those people are full of shit. It does not cost $300 - $1,000 to lift a curse. You do not need specially blessed candles or any other shiny junk.

Other than learning magic from a competent teacher, seeing a competent healer, or just waiting for the person throwing the curse to run out of energy, lifting curses yourself can make the problem worse. So please seek someone out who knows what they're doing. If they have a stupid expensive price tag on it, keep looking.

After care for when a curse has been lifted: Treat yourself as if you are coming out of a period of depression or recovering from an illness. Take care of yourself as best you can. Curses land where there is vulnerability. Lifting curses is like pulling off a very painful scab that's connected to other painful scabs. You got hit because there was room for it to land. When it's removed, that spot has to heal. If it does not, a similar curse can land in the same place. Focus on learning and growing as a person. Don't focus on just being a 'nice' person, but the person you actually are. Curses don't land as hard on people who have a good sense of who they are and well developed self awareness. None of this is meant to blame the victim: it’s not your fault that you got cursed, but it is your responsibility to get that vulnerability healed and to take the steps necessary to keep yourself safe (like avoiding the person who cursed you).

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